Maggie’s Place
Mission Statement: Maggie's Place provides life-changing programs and services for pregnant and parenting women and their children by offering a warm and welcoming community, a safe place to live and learn, and on-going services to help them become self-sufficient.

Maggie’s Place provides house of hospitality and ongoing support to help pregnant and parenting women in need reach their goals and welcomes them into a community filled with love and dignity.

Safe and Secure Shelter
Providing homes for homeless pregnant and parenting women and ongoing support for life. Opened on Mother’s Day of 2000, expanded to four maternity and two transitional homes in Arizona and one maternity home in Ohio.

Social Connections
Maggie’s Place understands the need for social connections being their own environment. A variety of opportunities are available to our moms and babies that help them grow, learn, and gain self-sufficiency skills.

Job Readiness
Maggie’s Place prepares our young mothers with the skills and knowledge to become self-sufficient – and this includes resources and skills to attain a position which will enable them to live independently with their child.

Child Development & Enrichment
Children’s educational and enrichment programs are designed to provide opportunities to participate in interactive, skill-building programming designed to support kindergarten readiness.

Family Success Center
Residents are welcomed into a house inhabited by a community of staff and fellow mothers that work together to achieve their goals of independence and stability.

Improving Family Relations
Pregnancy at a young age often interrupts educational pursuits and early employment experiences. Our programs are designed to help our mothers build stability in their life and prepare them for independent living.